Microsoft Research
Microsoft Research
Client: Microsoft Research
Role: Creative Director
Originally created by Microsoft Research, The WorldWide Telescope combines actual imagery from ground and space telescopes into a rich VR experience. The goal of this project was to create a guided exploration into the depths of the universe while providing real-time educational information throughout the experience.

Microsoft Research also wanted to build a version of WWT that could be accessible through browsers and therefore create a user experience that would allow for this complex technology to be used in the simplest way possible.

In conjunction with the UX strategy and UX design work, I also established a visual language and holistic framework appropriate for the new WWT brand. From defining the brand identity to building out the entire design system, I was also responsible for the look and feel of the entire experience.
Utilizing the latest technology to design and prototype, I built an efficient and robust, responsive system.
The result is a modern interface that showcases the stunning imagery and encourages interaction across multiple view ports.
I also did creative direction for the environmental design for the launch events including installation panels, posters and photography. It was experienced by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and astronaut Chris Hadfield, to name a few.
Peripheral items were also created to be distributed at the launch experiential event.
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