Client: Toyota
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Role: Associate Creative Director of UX
Toyota is a worldwide partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and needed a website to support and share the stories and activities of 240 athletes from 43 countries around the world. The website was also designed to support and share film campaigns about Toyota and the Olympics. Another mission of this website is to convey the message that Toyota is transitioning from being a car company to a mobility and technology company by showcasing new and technologically advanced products.
Part of the challenge was to consolidate the numerous business and marketing needs within one efficient user experience, but the biggest challenge was to help create a workflow and hand off process that could accommodate 43 countries, as each country would clone the site adding content changes based on local athletes and news on a regular basis.
After designing a strong workflow and handoff process with the production team, I decided to create an interactive site map, as the project would grow into 7 different versions over time, and information architecture, design and content would change at each iteration. This would help keep track of changes and also serve as a reference point and inventory for the business affairs, strategy, content, dev, and production teams. It also turned out to be a good tool during client facing meetings as the client could clearly understand the rational behind information architecture choices. The client was also able to see precisely where money was being invested from a bird’s eye view.
UX Creative Direction
UX Research Lead
UX Strategy Lead
Interaction Design Lead
User Testing Lead